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Computational biotech
powered by advanced machine learning

CompBios offer cutting edge deep learning technologies to solve complicated and massive computational biology challenges in relation to UniProt proteinBase or Ncbi accession numbers.

Need to understand proteomics and genomics data?

CompBios technology can help you model complicated biological tasks with terabytes of data, semantic clustering.

Powerful models

Deep learning provides foundation to build powerful models for a wide range of genetic applications. These models shown to acheive state of the art performance on image understanding, sequence recognition and many other complicated tasks.

CompBios proprietary technology allows you to trian models for variety of applications from millions of data records.

Advanced technology

CompBios biotechnology is built from ground up with the state of the art tools to take advantage of the scale of cloud computing power. In addition, with our distributed training technology you can train complex models on terabytes of data in just hours at a fraction of the time.

Base calling

CompBios base caller can work with a wide range of sequencing technologies to increase their base calling accuracy and significantly improve the workflow while reducing the required computational resources.

We are working with the leading sequencing companies to help them bring cheap and accurate sequencing devices to market like Next Gen Sequencing, Illumina.

Digital pathology image analysis

CompBios microscopy image analysis systems uses nee methods that can be used to count, detect, segment or classify various tissues and cells. These methods can be adjusted to work in confocal microscopy.

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